It is 330am and I am quite possibly drunk.

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Tonight has been a good night.
I've had 2 bottles of wine.
8 different types of cheese.
Cranberry baked brie in flaky bread.
Carrots, broccoli, dip and elk garlic sausage.
A smorgasborg of delights for my palate.

I learned I have adequate balance on my balance board while holding a glass of red wine over a light beige carpet.
I learned that I can have friends of different groups that totally click when they're together.
I learned that I'm horrible at senso-sketch (see: Cranium)
Text messages are almost as much fun when you write them with the recipient in the room.

It is very late and I thought I would 'post' my opinion. I'm in a good mood, so why not post about things I like.
I like the color purple.
I like red wine.
I really like older vqa. It makes sexytime with my olfactory senses.
I like my new balance board. I am hopeful for the snowboard season. I want to ride pipe.
Did I mention how much I like purple? I think it is my new favorite color. Green is great and all, but it lacks the intensity purple's got. Just trust me on this one.
I like photography, but I am of two minds over it. On one hand, it is great. I see shots I wish I had a camera good enough to take. On the other hand, I see these moments in time I want to preserve, but they are so genuine and so full of.. the moment, that I can't see myself wanting to hold a camera up long enough to capture the moment. Fuck pictures, I'd rather live in the shot than sit behind it, casing it up. I guess the jury is still out on that dslr I think I might want.

this blog-type-thing is starting to get long, so I will end it with the last and only thing penetrating my thought process at present: my bed.

Fresh sheets. Perfect hospital corners. Taught like the lines of a freshly botox'd face. Warm. Snuggly. Inviting. I have chosen my bed frame: Here.

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